Sometimes when we are analyzing archetypes and the roles they have
played or are still playing in our lives, we might feel compelled to
write something down.  Why not a letter to the archetype?  If you allow
the free flow of ideas, forgetting the grammar, just letting your pen
slide freely and uninhibited down the blank piece of paper, or through
the keystrokes of your PC, you will find yourself entering a new world
where you can communicate openly and freely with your Guides and

It is always useful to enter Sacred Space and to align yourself with the
harmonies of the universe before doing any of these exercises.  
Remember that you are entering a different level of reality.

Quietly state your intention.  Place the Tarot card(s) in front of you
and invoke Spirit.  Allow the Sacred Space to enfold you and as you
feel secure and comfortable within the wings of your intentions, start
writing without any concern about structures, grammar or correct
approach. Just let your mind and your thoughts flow freely. And, be
honest with yourself.

I find that focusing on the card and writing a letter to the individual
in the picture, to the landscape or to any particular object that calls
out your attention unleashes a tremendous flow of feelings and
emotions and recollections.

And, if not a letter, why not a brief poem or a song?  You would be
amazed at how creativity manifests whenever we allow our feelings
and emotions free access to our consciousness.
Have you ever sought refuge in a
Hermit energy or archetype?  Have you
ever sought counsel?  Have you seen
yourself in dreams walking,
wandering around the streets of an old
city in search of an answer to a
question?  Has there ever been a
situation in your life where the
archetype of a Hermit carrying a
lantern came up and served to show
you the way to clarify and illumine
your path?  

Place yourself within reach of this
archetype.  Ask him the questions you
have longed to ask him.  Take the
lantern from his hand and show him
where that light should have been for
you and why; or just thank him for
being there and for guiding you when
needed.  It is your story.  Weave it in

Imagine yourself as the Hermit: where
would you be using that lantern next?

And, don't forget the happy ending.
Tarot of Prague IX The Hermit