How to keep track of your dreams

keep a dream journal next to your bed.  

I have a tape recorder and a journal next to my bed and I try to recall as much as possible
by talking straight to the recorder without worrying about grammar, coherence, or anything
that might disengage the right side of my brain.

The more you do it, the easier the recollection becomes.

If you just jot down a few words or feelings, or brief sensations, in the morning you can still
sit down and try to recall parts of the dream effortlessly.

I always know that if the message was important and I fail to tune in accordingly, my guides
will try again to deliver it.  So, don’t lose any sleep over this technique.  One thing is for
sure, the more you respect your dreams and the more you try to link with them, the easier it
gets to recall  dreams and the more effective the communication with your higher self
through dream symbology becomes.

In the morning, break the dream into specific frames with specific questions for clarification
or expansion. Take your tarot deck and after you invoke your guides and open your sacred
space, place one card on each identified frame and on each question you might have.  
Then, see how each  card answers the question (s).

If you don’t remember enough of the dream in the morning, you can still throw a card if you
feel any lingering sensations about it.  It could be that at a point during the day you might
feel inclined to consult the Tarot because somehow something about a dream you don't
quite remember is bothering you or is still claiming time from your waking hours.
Tarot and Dream Incubation

The use of Tarot  for dream incubation can be extremely useful.  Place a Tarot card next to your writing pad,
write a question and meditate for a few minutes before going to sleep.  Try this technique for several days even
if you don't succeed at first.  Again, the more you do this, the better it seems to work and the more accurate the

I find that some Tarot cards are quite effective triggers for dreaming.  You need to find the image or archetype
that speaks to you at a given moment in your life and use that card to help you enter the world of dreams with
the right intention.

Choose a card, meditate on the image as you slowly enter the  card.  Ask your question, write it down and place
the card next to it.  Remember that by doing this ritual you are requesting access to a world that is beyond your
everyday reality.

Any Tarot card can be used as a tool for dream incubation.  I usually suggest to start with either Key II, The
High Priestess, or Key XVIII TheMoon, because both cards connect us directly with the Astral world.
Pamela Colman Smith images courtesy of Holly Voley