The Alchemical Opus could be summarized as solutio and coagulatio, dissolve and coagulate.  
Every time we undergo any type of transmutation, we must assume a new form, even if
temporarily.  Where does coagulatio go in the process seems clear enough for me:  calcinate:
coagulate; dissolve: coagulate; die: ferment: coagulate; distill: coagulate; the fact is, we must
regroup and keep moving forward, up and into finer and subtler forms.  Conjunction or the
marriage of opposites must always be part of a coagulatio.  The image of a corn is most
symbolic, because not only it must be a manifestation, but it must also be practical and be put
into use and be recycled.
Ace of Earth image from the Vision Quest, copyright 1998 AGM AGMuller