I believe that the correspondences work because we are dealing, after all, with universal
archetypes.  Case’s interpretations of the cards and the letters quite often draw from
Carl Jung’s psychology as much as from the esoteric traditions.  For example, he notes
that the images on Tarot cards originate from that stock of images that are “common to
all men everywhere, stored in what Dr. Carl Jung calls the ‘collective unconscious.’”  Case
then adds:

"These pictorial images are those we weave into dreams.  They are symbols of poets,
dramatists and novelists, as well as the substance of the visions of seers and prophets.  
Thinking in pictures is the fundamental activity of the human mind.  We see before we
say.  Words are but labels for man’s visual imagery." (Case, 23)

It is not a question of finding “forced correspondences” between Tarot and the Hebrew
letters, as several critics of this approach have called it, but rather of allowing new
cadences of meaning to emerge on their own as we meditate on the vibrations that
resonate within our soul when we connect letters and pictures and colors and sounds.  
In fact, at certain interpretive levels, it is hard not to see the connections. Just be open
to them.

So, how do we apply Tarot and Cabala to transformational work?   It is important to
understand that the union of Cabala and Tarot, like any system that uses images and
rituals to visualize and connect with the numinous, is first and foremost a mystical
quest.  This approach is not for everyone.  It requires long hours of study and years
before one starts to penetrate the mysteries.  The occult schools of the 19th century
embraced oriental philosophy and other primordial schools of thought precisely because
they demanded rigorous work and transformation of the individual at the cellular level.  
For us to become vehicles of expression for the One we must first start by accepting a
radical change in the way we look at the world around us, as well as at ourselves, and by
understanding the role we all play in the evolution of humanity. Once the mysteries begin
to be revealed, we begin to walk a very thin line between self-gratification and the
realization that all this Wisdom is made available to us for the betterment of humanity as
a whole and not for attainment of personal power.  

Vibratory attunement is an important part of the traditions that use both Cabala and
Tarot for healing or any kind of transpersonal work. More importantly, through various
attunement rituals the student maintains the necessary vibratory connections with the
Teachers who guide us from other dimensions and who are ahead of us on the Path of
Return (at the same time, the student is also raising the vibrations and consciousnesses
of those below her).  Sound is a vibration that precedes light in creation.  Sound and
color chanting rituals activate the imagination and allow the visualization with the cards,
the letters, the Tree of Life, or any of these combinations to produce altered states of
consciousness that facilitate the necessary attunement and alignment with the energies
that help us along the Path.  This, in a nutshell, is what spiritual alchemy is all about.

Copyright ©2008
Yolanda M. Robinson, PhD
Example of Tree of Life with Tarot and Hebrew letters
Builders of the Adytum (B.O.T.A.)